Commonwealth High School
Campus Improvements
Located near the heart of San Juan’s business district, Commonwealth High School is a private educational facility that has been in operation since 1952.  In 2000, the school decided to add 7th and 8th grade level classes to the facilities.  To accommodate the additional students, the architects designed a second floor classroom addition totalling 7,000 square feet.  Additional improvements included new and remodeled bathroom facilities, the remodeling of an interior courtyard as well as improvements to the school façade.  The new domed roof over the entry gate and peaceful interior patio help give the school a unique environment in which the students may excel in their educational goals.

Client: Caribbean Preparatory School
Construction Finish: 2001
Project Cost: $2.5 million

Parkville School
Caribbean Preparatory School

As part of the Caribbean Preparatory School consortium, Parkville school offers grammar school educational facilities for children in Pre-K to 6th grades.   When the school needed to expand their facilities to accommodate additional classrooms, the architects were contracted to design a second floor addition that included seven (7) new classrooms and a new library facility.  The design also transformed the existing cafeteria into a new multi-use space for both the cafeteria and auditorium activities.

Client:  Caribbean Preparatory School
Construction Finish: 1998
Project Cost: $600,000.00

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