Torre Del Milenio
This unique structure houses an aquarium on the ground floor level, an audiovisual theatre in the torus-shaped intermediate level and an observation deck on the roof level of the cone-shaped structure of the tower.  Two panoramic elevators will take visitors up and down the tower while providing exciting views of the surrounding grounds.  The floor to ceiling video screen wall in the audiovisual theatre was designed to show short informational films of activities related to local events or tower surroundings.  The observation deck at 350’ above ground will allow visits to take in a spectacular 360 degree view of San Juan.  Unlike any structure on the island, this tower will make an impact as a must-see tourist attraction in Puerto Rico.

Location: Parque Luis Muñoz Marin
Budget: $15 Million
Client: Parques Nacionales P.R.
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Triple S Office and Parking Building
One of the largest insurance companies in Puerto Rico requested a proposal for a new parking building with offices, conference facilities, computer center and other support areas.  The proposed building includes parking for more than 200 vehicles on 7 levels and over 30,000 square feet of office space.  The proposed design includes innovative technology and construction materials for a project that meets the needs of the client while, at the same time, planning for the future.

Client:  Triple S Insurance Company
Project Cost:  $1,700,000.00

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